Why Successful Salespeople Market on LinkedIn

As salespeople across the country look for more sales opportunities, we are often asked to generate our own leads and work our base. LinkedIn is a great place to start because www.linkedin.com is the place to find great local, qualified leads – leads you deserve. The most successful salespeople use LinkedIn for prospecting, social selling, networking, and education. The platform provides for easy tools to find your right audience with a variety of free and paid marketing opportunities.

LinkedIn is the largest professional social media network in the world with over 750 million worldwide users. Americans have built over 170 million professional profiles and another 50 million company business pages.

Launched in California in May 2003, the company’s mission is to ‘connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.’ LinkedIn has grown into a true global power with 33 offices around the world and has over 20,000 employees. In 2016, Microsoft acquired the company for $26.2 billion and the company grew to over $8 billion in annual sales in 2020 while also generating a consistent growth year over year.1

LinkedIn makes money in a variety of ways: job placements, premium subscriptions, and platform ads. With strong financial backing and consistent growth, LinkedIn attracts new users every year as well as presents new marketing opportunities. For marketing to businesses, LinkedIn is the tops. LinkedIn became the #1 rated social network for lead generation proof that this platform generates Leas You Deserve.2

LinkedIn User Demographics

One reason for LinkedIn marketing is accessing the user profiles. However, unlike its fellow social media competitors who benefit from users not yet in the job market, LinkedIn users are within most company target buying targets. For instance, the 25–34-year age range is the largest age advertising audience on LinkedIn making up 59.9% of users. Secondly, the 18-24 age group makes up 20.3% with the 35-54 age group contributing16.9% of the entire platform advertising audience base.3 And, the audience continues to grow – increasing 25 million users in Q4 2020.4

In addition, LinkedIn users most closely look like the actual US population. LinkedIn is the clear winner. In the US, the women account for 51% of the population. LinkedIn users skew slightly as males account for 51% of the profiles.5 LinkedIn connects professionals to drive leads you deserve. Only Youtube carries a comparable demographic user base.

Usage Increase

During the COVID pandemic, more and more users visited the site to update their profiles, build new skills, seek new jobs, and expand their network. Over 40 million people apply for jobs at least once a week.7 LinkedIn experienced a 55% increase in platform conversations in 2020 making the platform a strong, relevant marketing opportunity.6

Even with 40 million job applications each week, there is 15 times more content impressions than job postings.8 Most content is created by individuals not company job posts.

Platform Data Segmentation

In addition, LinkedIn provides easy-to-use data targeting. In fact, there are 200 different ways to target and narrow your search!9 You can narrow down from 170 million users to just a handful of key prospects. This flexibility allows marketers to narrow the search to the most likely buyers while lowering your ad waste.

Marketers get excited about the opportunities to find micro-audiences which only displays marketing to potential buyers. Ad exposure on LinkedIn can increase purchase intent by 33%.10 Consumer interest may be higher due to a great trust factor with LinkedIn on privacy and data. In September 2020, social media users agreed that LinkedIn protects their privacy and data better than Facebook, 73% to 53%.11

After selecting the audience, LinkedIn offers several no-cost marketing opportunities, like: connections, InMail, videos, Stories, posts, replies, etc. These no-cost marketing options provide potential viral moments creating worldwide success and driving up huge sales numbers. However, when very targeted marketing is needed, LinkedIn’s premium features offer Sponsored InMail, Sponsored Content Ads, Dynamic Ads, Text Ads, and Stories on the mobile app.

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Getting Started

In conclusion, as the US economy continues to strengthen, now is a great time to improve prospecting and lead generation activities on the largest professional social platform in the world. LinkedIn generates leads you deserve. For more information on how to get started with LinkedIn marketing, schedule an appointment by clicking https://calendly.com/wirthy/wirthy-discussion

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