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Increase Your Sales Today!

The Leads You Deserve all starts with targeted audiences of employed, local buyers who are moved by compelling and consistent marketing. Wirthy leverages all five marketing properties within LinkedIn to make sure you are visible when the buyer is ready. Nearly one in six posts on LinkedIn is an ad; however, that’s probably a surprise because they are seamlessly incorporated into the Newsfeed and elsewhere.


The economy is growing and so is your sales quota, but companies are spending less to generate leads. Take control of your sales success to find the right buyers with LinkedIn.

Wirthy keeps your costs low and speeds up marketing execution by removing the need for DMS/CRM integration.

As a LinkedIn-first, lead generation team, Wirthy is an expert in all three audience targeting approaches.

  1. Customer Match your existing buyers with retention-based offers.
  2. Expand existing owner count with lookalike audiences and filter searches for high net-worth buyers.
  3. The LinkedIn Audience Network can grow your ad base by 25%!



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Business Page & Optimization

(Mobile + Desktop)

Unfortunately, most company business pages are incomplete or fail to optimize correctly. Of course, this misstep makes LinkedIn marketing ineffective. Wirthy builds and optimizes Business Pages to serve as the foundation for all marketing leads.

Sponsored Content Ads

(Mobile + Desktop)

Sponsored Content represents both the most frequent and best-performing ads on the platform. Sales Consultants connect with targeted shoppers on both mobile and desktop using picture ads, videos, and sliding carousel ads. Provided that lead quality is important to you, then Sponsored Content Ads are your best approach to generate Leads You Deserve!

Sponsored InMail

(Mobile + Desktop)

Nothing feels more authentic than a one-to-one communication, like Sponsored InMail. InMails are personal messages sent to prospects at scale. However, don’t think InMail like email – these ads consistently carry over 50% open rates while doubling as an amazing professional branding opportunity. Sponsored InMail gives that personal sales consultant touch.

Dynamic & Text Ads


For the most aggressive and long-term strategies, Dynamic & Text Ads build great prospect familiarity. These smaller ads will be viewed on desktop devices more frequently building greater awareness.

 If your market is huge or you want to become the name every buyer knows, Dynamic & Text Ads have the greatest reach!

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