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Blog-Wirthy shares industry insights, LinkedIn targeting, and sales successes using the Wirthy marketing solutions. Thanks for reading and share your thoughts on the Contact page.

Why Successful Salespeople Market on LinkedIn

LinkedIn provide the best lead generation social media experience because the user profiles align with the US population base better than all other social media platforms.

Finding Locally Employed Buyers with LinkedIn

I have heard it from business leaders and salespeople before … LinkedIn is only good for unemployed people looking for jobs. For sure that’s a huge part of the platform…

LinkedIn Resources

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Wirthy is always examining future solutions and new product offerings. These elements all represent future opportunities.

Video Ads

(Mobile + Desktop)

Over half of all businesses use video in marketing. Video attracts more viewership and more lead opportunities for the sales team.

Video Ads - coming soon!

LinkedIn Stories

(Mobile App)

The LinkedIn App provides pictures, video, and carousel ads to targeted consumers similar to features found on Facebook and Instagram.

LinkedIn Stories - available soon!

Manifest Lists

(Mobile + Desktop)

Nearly 10% of all LinkedIn profiles contain contact information that could generate more follow-up sales opportunities and leads.

Manifest Lists - under review!