Wirthy helps salespeople across all industries with specialties
within Automotive, Real Estate, Retail, Job Seekers, and individual sales roles.

Automotive Industry

No DMS Integration or CRM Integration required

Technician Staffing

The US is suffering through a 3.5 million person Labor Shortage and car dealerships feel that pain in their shop everyday! Whether seeking diesel techs, line techs, or tire techs, Wirthy offers customized recruiting and marketing solutions for all dealership personnel, brands, and groups.


Wirthy always offers 30-day campaigns, no set-up fees, and even participation Market Caps! 

Factory Recalls

In 2020, 31 million US vehicles were recalled for repair. NHTSA also estimates that 67 million vehicles Takata Airbags still need to be replaced. Wirthy will Customer Match VINs with the highest value recalls and help increase your dollars per RO by concentrating on the highest value recalls.

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Factory Maintenance

Eighteen different car manufacturers now offer factory-paid maintenance plans. As a result, these plans drive great retention results and increased RO volume for dealerships. Wirthy fills your bays with a constant stream of factory-paid maintenance repair orders. For example, if you need ToyotaCare, Jeep Wave, or L-Certified Lexus maintenance repair orders, Wirthy keeps your shop bays filled with factory-paid maintenance and the Leads You Deserve!


New Car Sales

Inventories are finally increasing again; however, your dealership cut back in marketing. As a result, it is time to start prospecting again. Sales volume is the key to financial freedom, so start filling your pipeline today. LinkedIn is the perfect targeting platform for dealerships and salespeople - find locally employed, high net-worth individuals. 


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Holiday Messages

US holidays represent huge marketing opportunities for selling cars and service! Government employees, banks and students all enjoy a day away creating more shopping on holidays.

Holiday Messages provide monthly calendar or one-off holiday promotions to drive your holiday business and generate the Leads You Deserve!



Digital targeting makes makes identifying shoppers easier than ever before. However, only a surprisingly few of the best salespeople drive leads with personalized LinkedIn marketing.

While so few businesses provide enough leads, now is definitely the time to develop leads on your own.

For instance, great sales restaurant leaders can pinpoint employees at the companies around town to to target a lunch special. As a result of better leads, the restaurant owner has a more predictable and higher sales volume.

Certainly, Wirthy and LinkedIn marketing can help develop the leads you deserve.


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Individual Salespeople

Times have changed ... no longer do the best salespeople wait for their company to run a promotion. Now, we drive business through professional branding and scalable marketing technologies! Exploit this opportunity to build your sales volume, lead count, client retention, and ultimately your professional brand!


(Salespeople, Insurance Agents, Realtors, etc.)

The gig economy changed our employer and employee expectations of how businesses operate. Now is the time to take control of your own destiny by branding yourself and securing your own individual leads.

Salespeople leave their current employer every two years and must start building up their leads again from zero. Wirthy creates professional branding for you while also generating individual leads that you own! Target shoppers by location, match to your existing database, or develop lookalike audiences to expand your reach.


Job Seekers

The American economy continues to struggle with high unemployment. Join Wirthy to establish your professional branding through one-on-one consultation and structured employer outreach through LinkedIn.

In the same fashion as identifying your next sales prospect, partner with Wirthy to narrow your job search to key decision-makers. Job Seekers - these are the Leads You Deserve!