Finding Locally Employed Buyers with LinkedIn

img By Wirthy | November 14, 2022

I have heard it from business leaders and salespeople before … LinkedIn is only good for unemployed people looking for jobs. For sure that’s a huge part of the platform with over 40 million people applying for jobs each week, but job searching only 3% of the entire platform user base actions!1 Don’t be fooled that the site is only for job-hoppers – LinkedIn has 15 times more content impressions than job postings and if you aren’t participating, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to find local, higher net-worth individuals who can buy your products today.2

Additionally, others say that they can’t be on all these social media sites – it’s just too expensive. To that, I ask, then why not select the professional social network where 170 million Americans have accounts and 76.8% of the platform is between 25-54 years old?2 By comparison, 59.5% of Facebook’s users are in that same buying demographic.3 If you are using social media for business, LinkedIn gives amazing targeting opportunity with a growing base.


As a marketer, it is my responsibility to go where the eyeballs are and the buying audience is on LinkedIn where professionals (mostly) go to discuss work-related topics. The pandemic positively impacted LinkedIn for a variety of reasons – more unemployed people were on the site seeking jobs, more of us focused time on their personal branding, and we spent more time in front of the desktop computers. In fact, LinkedIn saw a 55% increase in conversations among connections in 2020.4 Again, LinkedIn is the place to go for influencing buying decisions.

3 Audience Targeting Options

LinkedIn offers three primary audience targeting categories: Customer Matched audiences, filters, and the LinkedIn Audience Network. Wirthy shares more on audiences at Wirthy – Leads You Deserve. Let’s examine a few potential use cases.

Customer Matched Audiences

Firstly, marketing to the existing owners is very important. With matched audiences, companies and professionals alike can focus on retention-based marketing. A florist who wants to capitalize on her high website traffic with website retargeting can activate the LinkedIn Insight Tag on her website. A clothier knows that the company in town just went public and the workers now have some extra cash, so he distributes marketing to just the people in the company. Or consider a Toyota dealership uploading a list of ToyotaCare Due customer emails to narrow the marketing to only customers eligible for the service.


Illustrating Use Cases
  • If you are a sales hunter, retention-based Matched Audiences aren’t the right fit for you, so you employ the filters to help grow your market share.
  • A realtor needing to find a house in a specific school district, can pinpoint all professionals in a zip code.
  • A leasing agent who spends nights networking at mixers to find locals will now use LinkedIn to find all the employees of the local biggest employer to drum up business.
  • A restauranteur can position marketing at professionals working at the local headquarters, to offer a business-specific lunchtime special.
  • A Spanish-speaking car salesperson can target the LinkedIn users who have a Spanish-language browser with targeted messages.
  • Crypto currency brokers can easily narrow their searches to the highest rung of the corporate ladder by searching for high net earners.
  • Businesses feed their Internet Sales teams and their BDCs with opportunities, but oftentimes, the front-line salesperson or contract agents are left to find his/her own leads.
  • The bank may ask their Banker to join the Chamber of Commerce to find local business prospects. However, many banks don’t provide enough leads of their own to meet sales goals.
  • Landscaping business owners can pinpoint an entire zip code making for convenient, local, and high household income marketing.
  • Independent repair facilities can fill their service bays by concentrating on the owners within a mile of their shop.
  • A new bookkeeper starting her own business, can contact business owners with simple filters on LinkedIn to find new partners.


In contrast to targeting your existing customers, the filters allow marketing to previously unknown prospects. Consider how much we all shared on LinkedIn during the pandemic. Employees were scared of losing their jobs and many considered the fact that they may be leaving their company (willingly or unwillingly). They updated their profiles, pictures, contact information, and more! The LinkedIn database now offers more than 200 targeting characteristics to find your perfect buyer.5

Secondly, let’s examine the strength of the pre-set filter options:

  • Keyword (LinkedIn offers Boolean Search functionality with quotations for specific word combos, NOT to exclude specific words, OR, AND, etc.)
  • Geography (State, City, Postal Code, Company Headquarters or exclude any/all of these)
  • Industry (over 140 industry options)
  • Seniority Level (Ten options including Owner, CXO, VP, Director, or the ability to exclude a seniority level)
  • Job Title (Open field to input any job title desired)
  • 57 million different Company pages and growing!

There are tons of direct ways to find your buyer on LinkedIn. This site provides you with the leads you deserve.


The third data segmenting option allows you to expand beyond your pre-set target audience. When you need to expand your audience, consider activating the LinkedIn Audience Network. In one step, your marketing ads can extend beyond the news feed to thousands of premium partner apps and websites. This step expands your target audience significantly.


With these targeting options in mind, you may be asking why you would scale down at all. Indeed, more people seeing your message can’t hurt, right? On the other hand, budget is always a prime consideration. Targeting 170 million people gets pricy even if your prospects benefit by viewing relevant content. With over 170m LinkedIn users, audience targeting finds the right buyers and eliminates ad waste. Take time to find the right audience and you will gain more leads while spending less money.


Partnering with Wirthy removes your learning curve, eliminates the platform subscription expenses, and provides 20 years of sales and marketing experience to make your campaign a huge success. Now that you’ve made the decision to secure your own leads, Wirthy will build your professional brand with great creative and allow you more time to work leads and receive the Leads You Deserve.

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